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Meghan Martin

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About Me

Centred in holistic health and healing.

I have helped thousands of individuals change their lives by training them on an international scale, facilitating virtual and in-person sessions worldwide, teaching at 5-star resorts, and collaborating with the biggest names in luxury wellness. I have also facilitated biohacking discussions among top health leaders, with a focus on women's health optimization.

As a multi-passionate female founder, I recently founded State Of- a platform for wellness, and have since introduced AGENCY, Canada's first wellness practitioner marketplace and directory.

My approach to each client is attuned and curated so that each experience I provide is a unique, personalized fusion using a focus on the structure and function of the body through physiology, biomechanics, and neurobiology. I also incorporate mindfulness and energetic alignment techniques and create strategies for direction via defining outcomes and programming to create lasting transformation.

I am passionate about creating innovative and efficacious wellness experiences while connecting, cultivating community, and empowering those around me.

I have worked with luxury wellness brands such as lululemon, Next Health, Parsley Health, Tata Harper and more.
I have also worked treating patients out of top rated spas in Canada.
I have experience teaching fitness at 5 star resorts in the Caribbean as well as offered sold-out sessions in Canada, the US , New Zealand and Australia.

My List of Trainings and Certifications include:
MASTER NLP Practitioner
EFT (Tapping)
Certified Hypnotist (CHT)
Mindset and Performance Coach
Breathwork Facilitator
Meditation Instructor
Yoga Instructor
Pilates Instructor
Barre Instructor
Fascial Functional Movement
Kinesiologist (BSCK)
Manual Osteopathic Practitioner (DOMP)
Lymphatic Drainage (CLT)
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Kinesiologist (BSCK)
Somatic Therapist
Energy Healer

I offer 1:1 sessions and group classes.
These vary based on location needs yet can be osteopathic or manual face/ body treatments in nature such as:
fascial facial rejuvenation, lymphatic drainage, alignment-focused.
They can be fitness-focused sessions using my method of fusing lymphatic drainage and pilates strategically
Or many different types of sessions from breathwork fused with hypnosis meditation, to mindset and performance focused workshops

My Services

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Meghan Martin

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