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Mariana de Oliveira Dias

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About Me

“As a nutritionist my goal is to empower you to understand how your body works, noticing
your own individual signs before you reach a state of being unwell. It is my mission to
educate as many people as I can on the smart ways nutrition can change your life”.

My name is Mariana and I'm a multidimensional Integrative Wellness Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist,
Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Chef armed with over a decade of
experience, knowledge and a true desire to help people regain their energy and vitality by
taking into consideration all aspects of their life.

With an emphasis on personalized food and lifestyle approaches to wellness and well-being,
I focus on the individual and in the root cause of their imbalance while taking a
holistic approach to optimize their health based on their unique needs. Eating and living mindfully, grounded and with awareness is one of my main philosophies to live with optimal health. I have been teaching yoga since 2012 and
providing guidance and resources for all areas of the mind, body and spirit. I blend Yoga, meditation, journaling, rituals crystal work in many of my programs as well.

I have worked with corporates and individuals for more than 8 years by developing
sustainable meal plans, recipes and creating realistic healthy eating strategies for my clients
and their families.

With an undeniable passion about making nutrition smarter, clearer and simpler, I have
partnered with businesses in providing quick, easy, nutrition advice and wellness
programmes in order to educate employees on how to support their overall wellbeing,
productivity, sleep, stress management and mental health.

From being part of Spa Pre-Opening teams and Spa Management trainings in Luxury 5-Stars Hotels in Macau such as Sheraton Grand, St. Regis Macao, Grand Hyatt Macao, to collaborating with written articles to blogs, ebooks and magazines,
podcasts, teaching platforms and as a speaker at events such as Global Wellness Days, Lululemon Run Club, Tedx and Wellness roundtables i have been working
closely with Luxury Hotel and Resort brands worldwide in training and development of
wellness programs, lifestyle plans, healthy eating concepts as well as Plant Based and Vegan F&B menus and recipes

I have proudly
represented Macau in the wellness segment of the first edition of “ Luxury Travel
Weekend Festival”, a World Travel Magazine’s latest initiative supporting the travel
industry in these challenging times. Showcasing curated luxury experiences for 2021 & beyond. And been hosting wellness retreats in Macau as well. My next retreats will be next year in Mallorca and Greece.

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Mariana de Oliveira Dias

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