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Site Policies, Terms, and Conditions

General Usage 

Please read the following important information prior to using any site features on Global Spa Resources. As the creators of the Website and its functions, Global Spa Resources will have sole discretion and final, unchallenged, decision making regarding interpretations, understanding and definitions of all our policies, terms & conditions as well as user & Website members use of our site and any breach of our site policies, terms & conditions.


Visitors, users and Website members continued use of our site and its functions is to agree to these policies, terms & conditions in their entirety.

Personal Responsibility

You acknowledge that you are participating voluntarily in using any section or function on our Website and that you are solely and personally responsible for your choices, actions, and results, now, and in the future. You accept full responsibility for any consequences of your use, or non-use, of any information, products or services provided on or through this Website, and you agree to use your own judgment and due diligence before implementing any idea, suggestion, recommendation, service or product from any third party registered on our Website, or from the Website itself to your life, family or business.

The products and services listed on our Website are to be used only at your own risk and only after you have performed any necessary due diligence which may include, but is not limited to; checking the company or individuals background, trade licenses, insurance coverage and legitimacy of claims of previous projects and work carried out for previous companies. Global Spa Resources is not responsible for checking the legitimacy of any companies or services that are offered via our Website.  

Always seek the advice of a lawyer or other qualified legal entity prior to engaging in any agreements, binding or non binding, or agreeing to or making payment on any services or product offered by any member or user of our Website.

Sharing Information

For the function of our Website to work we are required to share information with third parties who operate outside of our network.  While we only share the information and details which you provide and approve voluntarily, we have no control over the third party use of this information and cannot be held responsible or liable for any misuse of your information by a third party. 

No Guarantees

We cannot predict and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result from the products, services or information provided in or through this Website, and you accept and understand that results and outcomes may differ for each individual.

While it is our intention that use of the Website, as a paying member, will increase market visibility and generate new leads / business for your brand, company or services, you fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results that you may expect from your membership.  The same applies for use of our recruitment platform including adding your cv, posting a position and paying to access our database.  While we work hard to provide high quality connections, it is in no way guaranteed that you will find a new job or candidate for your vacancy.


From time to time, we may present real world experiences, testimonials, and insights about other people’s experiences on our Website for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples and photos used are of actual clients and results they personally achieved, or they are comments from individuals who can speak to the quality of our services in their direct and unique experience. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.

Assumption of Risk

As with all business situations, there are sometimes unknown individual risks and circumstances that can arise during the use of products or services listed on our Website, that cannot be foreseen, and that can influence or negatively impact results on your personal or business situation. You understand that any mention of any suggestion, recommendation, service or product on or through our Website is to be taken at your own risk, with no liability on our part, and you agree to assume all risks.

Global Spa Resources is not responsible for or involved in the sourcing, manufacturing or registering of the products, equipment or services listed on our Website, and cannot guarantee the results advertised by the company or Website member.

Reducing your Risks

The list below provides guidelines to help reduce any potential risks which may be associated with engaging in a partnership or agreement with any person or business entity on our Website.  Again, all risks and the reduction of potential risks are the sole responsibility of the user.

1. Always conduct independent research on a person or company prior to engaging with them.  It is recommended that you reach out to the previous companies or persons they have worked for and seek independent references.  

2. Request relevant legal documentation including, but not limited to trade licenses, insurance and liability cover, jurisdiction of any licenses, insurance and services, tax codes etc. 

3. Never disclose sensitive details related to yourself or your company without completing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which has been reviewed by a lawyer or other legal entity.

​4. It is common practice, ahead of a larger or longer term project, to enter into an MOU (a Memorandum of Understanding) that describes the broad outlines of an agreement that two or more parties have reached.  MOUs communicate the mutually accepted expectations of all of the parties involved in a negotiation. While not legally binding, the MOU signals that a binding contract is imminent.

​5. Know what you want to achieve before you post your project and put it out to tender.  As the owner of the project, it will be your responsibility to define the scope and any deliverables that you expect from the company or individual who will be submitting a proposal to work for you.

​6. Sharing as many details as you are able to will help you receive more relevant proposals.  

The above suggestions are for your consideration and personal action or non-action, these are not exhaustive or comprehensive and are not claimed to act as a fail-safe or promised protection.


Limitation of Liability

By using this Website, you agree to absolve us, our suppliers, our members and any of our affiliate companies of any liability or loss that you or any other person that may occur from use of the information, products or services that you request or receive through or on this Website.

You agree that we will not be liable to you, or to any other individual, company or entity, for any type of damages, including direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable or consequential loss or damages, for use of or reliance on this Website.

You agree that we do not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, physical or mental disease or condition or issue, or any other type of loss or damage due to any act or default by us or anyone acting as our agent, consultant, affiliate, joint venture partner, employee, shareholder, director, staff, team member, or anyone otherwise affiliated with our business or us, who is engaged in delivering content on or through this Website.

Indemnification and Release of Claims

You hereby fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release us and any of our agents, consultants, affiliates, joint venture partners, employees, suppliers, shareholders, directors, staff, team members, or anyone otherwise affiliated with our business or us from any and all causes of action, allegations, suits, claims, damages, or demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that may arise in the past, present or future that is in any way related to the Website.

No Warranties

We make no warranties related to the performance or operation of this Website. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the information, content, materials, programs, training, recommendations, products or services included on or through the Website. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Errors and Omissions

Please be informed that each member of our Website is responsible and accountable for the content and claims made in their profile on our Website.  Global Spa Resources will, in its sole discretion, take necessary action to investigate members details brought to our attention by other members or users of our Website but we are in no way responsible or liable for any of their content.

Although efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information shared on or through this Website, as much of the information is provided by individual members, the Website may inadvertently contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. You agree that Global Spa Resources are not responsible for the views, opinions or accuracy of facts or information referenced on or through this Website, or of those of any other individual or company affiliated with our business or us in any way. Because scientific, technology and business practices are constantly evolving, you agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy of our Website, or for any errors or omissions that may occur.

No Endorsement

References or links in our Website to the information, opinions, advice, programs, products, or services of any other individual, business or entity does not constitute our formal endorsement. We are merely sharing information for your own self-help only. We are not responsible for the website content, blogs, emails, videos, social media, programs, products and/or services of any other person, business or entity that may be linked or referenced by this Website. Conversely, should this Website link appear in any other individual’s, business’ or entity’s website, program, product or services, it does not constitute our formal endorsement of them, their business or their website either.


From time to time, we may promote, affiliate with, or partner with other individuals or businesses whose programs, products and services align with ours. In the spirit of transparency, we want you to be aware that there may be instances when we promote, market, share or sell programs, products or services for other partners and in exchange may receive financial compensation or other rewards. Please note that we are highly selective and only promote the partners whose programs, products and/or services we respect. At the same time, you agree that any such promotion or marketing does not serve as any form of endorsement whatsoever. You are still required to use your own judgment to determine that any such program, product or service is appropriate for you. You are assuming all risks, and you agree that we are not liable in any way for any program, product, or service that we may promote, market, share or sell on or through our Website.


Certain features of our Website require paid membership to access or utilise.  Membership durations, pricing and inclusions are available on our Plans & Pricing page and are subject to change at any time at our sole discretion. Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable and come with no guarantees on return of investment. Members are not permitted to screenshot, share or otherwise distribute information only available to members to non-members of our platform.  Evidence of this will result in the member being removed from our Website and as with breach of any terms, conditions or policy of our Website by paying members, no refund, credit or other form of compensation will be given.  

Vendor Listing

It is solely the responsibility of the person or company who purchases any listing from us to make use of the plan and to ensure they follow carefully all instructions on our website to add their brand or services to the necessary directory.  It is not the responsibility of Global Spa Resources to create your listing or to check any information, links or images within your listing.  However, GSR reserve the right to create a shell listing on your behalf, if you fail to acknowledge or take action on requests, emails or any other method of contact we may choose to make to prompt or remind you to that action is required on your part.  We reserve the right to use your logo and basic information obtained from your public website for the purposes of creating your shell listing.  By taking out a listing plan with us, you hereby provide us with permission to take the above action, should we choose to take it.  If GSR do send you prompts, reminders, or creates a shell listing as a result of your inactivity, this is not an act of us assuming responsibility and this remains with the person or company to whom the plan is registered.

Accessing Candidate Database

Access to our candidate database is for independent spa recruitment agencies & consultants who offer recruitment services.  We review all applications for access and may require further authentication including trade license if necessary to approve your request.  Our database is purely for recruitment purposes only, and all candidates have given their permission to be contacted by independent recruiters for the purposes of connecting them with relevant opportunities.  The candidates themselves upload all information, including CVs and while we take measures to remove inactive & inaccurate profiles, we cannot be held responsible for the content provided.  We also encourage users to report any profiles that are not accurate so we can take the necessary action.  Use and access is granted to the requesting user only and cannot be shared or re-assigned to any other party.  Breach of this will result in the user being blocked from our system and with forfeiture of any fees paid.  If you are a recruitment company and would like access for several users please contact us to discuss group rates. 


If you make a purchase by mistake or change your mind about your plan, you can contact us to request a refund provided the following criteria applies to your situation.  For vendor / premier listings, a full refund can be given within 30days of your purchase as long as you have not completed the business listing form and have not added your business to our directory.  After 30days grace period or if you have listed your business in our directory, for any duration of time, then refunds whether full or partial are no longer applicable.  Refunds are not possible on vacancy listings or on access to our candidate database.  If you have any questions at all regarding our plans, please contact us prior to making your purchase and our team will be happy to help.

Job Listing Match Guarantee

When you list your vacancy with us, you can rest-assured with our job listing match guarantee.  If we cannot find a single match for your listing, we'll either renew your listing with our compliments, or give you 100% credit back to use on your next listing.  The listing renewal will be live for 30 days from the expiry date and will not require any action from you beyond confirming via email that you would like that option.  If you would like the 100% credit back to use on your next listing, you will be issued with a discount coupon for the value of what you paid for your initial listing.  The voucher will be valid for a period of 6 months from the expiry date of your initial listing.


Enterprise Vendors

Premier partner listings are extremely limited and we have a waitlist for available spots.  We reserve the right to approve or deny premier partner requests and these coveted positions may be assigned at our discretion.  Due to the high demand of these spots, anyone who has purchased a premier partner listing will have 15days from the date of purchase to list their business in our directory and provide us with their logo for use on our platform and email footers.  After 15 days but before 30days, we will send email requests and reminders to create your listing or give you the option to downgrade with a refund of the difference paid (from premier partner to classic vendor).  Failure to take action by creating your listing or by requesting the downgrade with partial refund within 30 days of purchase will result in the automatic and non-refundable downgrade their plan to a vendor listing and their premier position will be opened up to other companies.  Discounts, offers & promotions do not apply to premier partner listings unless specifically mentioned, and in the case of upgrading a discounted vendor listing to a premier partner status the full price of the premier listing must still be paid.  Any vendors wishing to upgrade to premier partner may do so by paying the difference from their plan up to the price of the premier partner plan at the time of upgrade. 

Sponsored Content

We've introduced sponsored content to provide our vendors with more options for individual exposure at highly competitive pricing.  We understand how important marketing & advertising is but also, how expensive and complicated it can be.  Our solutions are designed to make it easy, effective, and affordable for businesses of all sizes.  Sure, you can (and should) sing your own praises, but there's just something about that song coming from a third party that sounds a little sweeter to potential clients. 


Sponsored Email

Share your news with our growing database of industry subscribers.  Sponsored emails include only the information, images and links you provide ensuring all eyes are on you!  We'll share your email engagement metrics including; total number of receivers, open rate, and click rate.  You will also preview, test, and approve your email prior to it being sent out.


Sponsored Blog 

Share your news with our growing database of industry subscribers.  Sponsored blog posts will feature your name as the author and will include only the information, images and links you provide ensuring all eyes are on you!  Blog posts are also announced via email.  You'll be able to see engagement in real time as our views counter is public, and your blog will remain active & visible on our page to any new visitors for months to come.  You will also preview, test, and approve your blog post prior to it being sent out.


Sponsored Instagram Post

Share your news with our growing Instagram following.  While our audience is industry relevant, we're aware that it's still very modest, so we'll also boost your post for maximum reach.  Sponsored IG posts will include only the captions, images, hashtags, tags and bio links you provide ensuring all eyes are on you!  We will feature your link in our bio for Max 48hours.  You'll be able to see engagement in real time but we'll also share the analytics with you.  Your post will remain active & visible on our page to any new visitors for months to come.  


Before booking your sponsored content, it's important you're aware of what we consider to be appropriate or not, when it comes to sharing your news with our audience.  Here's a few helpful tips to make sure everyone gets the most out of these services:



Keep it relevant to our industry - Spa, Salon, Wellness, and Fitness

Keep it about you / your company

Keep it clean, respectful, and tasteful - remember, our audience is global with visitors & subscribers from more than 100 countries

Make sure you have permission to share the news and any images you upload

Be sure to check your content for grammar, spelling, and fact checking if required

Come from a 'giving' perspective rather than 'getting', we want to share content that adds value to our audience

Examples of What to Share:

- Introduce New Product Ranges or Treatments

- Introduce New Team Members 

- Share New Partnerships or Successful Projects You've Worked On

- Share Business or Industry Insights from Your Perspective



Sell, sell, sell!!!!

We are working hard to secure our positioning as a premier industry platform and we won't share content that is excessively sales focused, over punctuated, or sensationalised

Provide content that could be harmful or misleading

Examples of What Not to Share:

- Products, Tips or Equipment Promoting Skin Lightening / Whitening 

- Images or Descriptions of Intimate Body Parts ​​

These examples are not exhaustive and final approval on what will and will not be shared with our audience is entirely at the discretion of the Global Spa Resources team.  In the event that your post is required to be removed from any of our platforms for any reason, no reimbursement, refunds, or any other form compensation will be given.  If your vendor plan includes these posts as part of the package, you must make sure to schedule your content as far in advance as possible.  Allocations included in your plan and not used will not be carried over, reimbursed, refunded or given any other form of compensation.  It is not the responsibility of Global Spa Resources to issue reminders or prompts to utilise the allocation, even if such action is taken, the burden of responsibility remains with the plan holder only.


Changes to Disclaimer, Policies and Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to modify our Disclaimer, Policies and Terms and Conditions, as necessary and without notice of any change and encourage you to consult all terms from time to time. Continued use of our Website indicates your acceptance to all such changes. We reserve the right to discontinue or add website functionality to support the organisations’ goals at any time without notice and with no form of compensation, refund or explanation to any of our users or members.

By using this Website, you are agreeing to all parts of the above disclaimer. If you have any questions about this disclaimer, please contact us through the Website Contact form.

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Job Listing Guarantee

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Global Spa Resources is committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of our users, members and visitors. This Website Privacy Policy has been provided for your information and explains what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you whilst you visit our site.

We do update this Policy from time to time so please do review this Policy regularly.

Information Collected

In running and maintaining our website we may collect and process the following data about you:

1.     Information provided voluntarily by you.  For example, when you register for information or list a service, product or project on our Website.

2.     Information that you provide when you communicate with us by any means.

Use of Information

We use the information that we collect from you to provide our services to you.  In addition to this we may use the information for one or more of the following purposes:

1.  To provide information to you that you request from us relating to our products or services.

2.  To provide information to you relating to other products or services we provide that may be of interest to you. Such additional information will only be provided where you have consented to receive such information.

3.  To inform you of any changes to our website, services or goods and products.

4.  In order for us to fulfil our service to you, we will pass your details on to other Website members in order for them to connect with you to regarding goods or services that you are interested in.

The function of our service requires us to pass on certain information including your contact details provided to us to third party users and members of our Website.  We are in no way responsible for their handling of your information obtained via our site or services.

User Analytics

Our Website tracks user behaviours when visiting our platform which we use to improve our services and enhance the journey for visitors to our site.  This information includes the country users are in at the time of visiting, how they found our site and which pages they visit or links clicked.  The information is provided by Google Analytics and WIX dashboard and is presented without any personal identifiable details about you.  We reserve the right to share our own Website users statistics, locations & habits on our site with pro-members in order for them to be informed on the success of their listing on our platform.  

Storing your Data

We do our upmost to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to make sure that your data is treated stored securely.

The sending of information via the internet is not totally secure and on occasion, such information can be intercepted. We cannot guarantee the security of data that you choose to send us electronically, sending such information is entirely at your own risk.

Disclosing Information

We will not disclose your personal information to any other party other than in accordance with this Privacy Policy and in the circumstances detailed below:

1.   In the event that we sell any or all of our business to a buyer.

2.   Where we are legally required by law to disclose your personal information.

3.  To further fraud protection and reduce the risk of fraud.

4.  Where you have given us permission to pass on your information in order to fulfil a service or product request.  

Please note that your use of our site is to give your permission to obtain, hold and share your personal information for the purposes of assisting you to fulfil a service or product request.

Third Party Links

As part of our service, we include links to third parties on this Website. Where we provide a link it does not mean that we endorse or approve that site’s policy towards visitor privacy. You should review their specific website terms & conditions and privacy policy and contact them directly regarding their collection, storage and use of data you have made available to them via our Website whether directly or indirectly.

Access to Information

In accordance with various Data Protection Acts you have the right to access any information that we hold relating to you and can do so by contacting us on the details below.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any matter relating to this Privacy Policy at

Changes to Disclaimer, Policies and Terms & Conditions

We reserve the right to modify our Disclaimer, Policies and Terms and Conditions, as necessary and without notice of any change and encourage you to consult all terms from time to time. Continued use of our Website indicates your acceptance to all such changes. We reserve the right to discontinue or add website functionality to support the organisations’ goals at any time without notice and with no form of compensation, refund or explanation to any of our users or members.

By using this Website, you are agreeing to all parts of the above disclaimer. If you have any questions about this disclaimer, please contact us through the Website Contact form.

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