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URB’N NATURE is a an innovative organic, young and fresh luxury spa product. With strategic partnerships in some of the world's most prestigious 5-Star Superior Hotels, around the Globe. URB'N NATURE created and developed the world's finest spa products, treatments, and concepts. URB’N NATURE is developed first and foremost from a nucleus of professional treatments that guarantees depth and consistency in every product. The URB’N NATURE skincare SPA system ensures that your skin and body care concerns can be addressed in a detailed and customized way in your preferred spa. The therapists are all trained on our special massage and facial techniques to create new and unparalleled experience.

What we do not use

  • synthetic Preservatives, such as parabens

  • Crude oil or petrochemicals derived raw materials, such as mineral oil and paraffin

  • Synthetic surfactants

  • Ethoxylated raw materials, such as PEGs

  • Nitrosamines, such as TEA, DEA and MEA

  • Silicones

  • Synthetic fragrances, colours and dyes

  • No Genetically modified ingredients Our formulas are 100% natural origin and completely free of synthetic chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

URB’N Nature is Multifunctional Protection and Repair System

Antioxidants - Antipollution Protecting skin and cells against oxidative stress and environmental impacts.

Protection from light-induced stressors Protecting against UV rays also against blue light (Screens and artificial LED bulbs)

Repair of damage cells and membranes Actively combatting rosacea and skin inflammations UV photo damages, reduction by 19%.

Hydration- Moisture Complex Active Hydro Complex keeps the skin hydration up to 200% for more than 2 weeks.