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KENMEN was established in 2003 by founder Lee Gilbert. Her extensive experience in the field of cosmetics and formulations, coupled with her vision to fill the void in the Men's skincare market, inspired several iterations of the brand. Initially commissioned as a Film/Television color line for men, the product line seamlessly evolved over the years, spurred on by consumer demand, into a comprehensive SKIN FITNESS & BODY FITNESS Wellbeing Skincare Brand conceived specifically for Men.

From Bespoke Shaving to daily Regimens, with a purpose to create "functional skin-targeted" protocols, mindful of result-driven, practical applications. 2014 then ushered in KENMEN ECO/ALCHEMIE, a dedicated professional SPA brand specializing in holistic modalities and therapeutic menu offerings addressing issues specific to men's physical wellbeing and Sport-recovery.

Then and now, our Mission has always been focused on delivering a natural and integrative approach to skincare through premium-quality products and curated ingredients, sourced from plant botanicals and bio-marine extracts, and produced with integrity, transparency and environmental responsibility.

So, it is with this in mind that we introduce our latest concept of Edited Grooming and Skincare Solutions for Men, KENMEN VEGAN CERITFIED SKIN FITNESS. One could call this “going back to Basics or Skincare 101”, however the products in this line were formulated with cohesive functions, acting with each other as an integrative anti-inflammatory and antioxidant system, to deliver optimal skin health with visible results.

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