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I am a visionary leader in the health and wellness industry with over 30 years of innovative success stories. I am an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of relationship building and result driving leadership within the hospitality, community health, fitness, spa and wellness space.

I am fortunate to be multilingual, world traveled, highly educated and able to enter into meaningful relationships with the people who share my passion for wellbeing. I believe in accessible wellness for all, in the power of social interactions on our wellbeing, in living an active life, in seeking memorable moments every single day and in bringing authenticity in everything I do.

In the last few years, I also had the chance to embark into the fascinating journey of diversity, equity and inclusion in the work place. Bringing our authentic selves to work is something I strongly believe in and where I feel I can contribute greatly.

Proficient in these key areas:

• Strategic planning in the health, wellness, fitness and spa industry

• Spa, fitness, luxury hospitality management

• Brand development

• Project development

• Leadership and team building

• Change management

• Relationship development

• Design services and technical support and advice

• Corporate and workplace wellness advisor

• Operational concepts and design brief

• Community health and wellbeing

Daniel Poulin
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