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Orli Soul on Sole Candle Massage Ritual

Orli Soul on Sole Candle Massage Ritual

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5 hours

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Orli House of Training

We are the UK’s leading Massage Candle manufacturer and, the first company in the UK and Europe, to develop both the innovative Hot Oil Hair Treatment Candle and, the Gold Shimmer Massage Candle, developing an enviable reputation for innovation and flexibility. We relish the opportunity to continually develop new ideas to remain at the forefront of changing trends and to continue to offer new and exciting products to our wonderful customers. We are also incredibly pleased to have been recognised and awarded for being the “Leading Specialists in Massage Candles & Oils” at the SME Business Elite 2019 & 2021 awards!

About the course

Foot massage has been around for hundreds of years, and spans many cultures. It’s frequently been used to improve health and relax the body. These days, most forms of foot massage borrow elements from a variety of disciplines and traditions. Our ritual involves using acupressure into the zen lines to help connect to the 8th Chakra. These traditions operate on the belief that applying pressure to the more than 7,000 nerves in the foot and legs can release energetic blockages in the rest of the body.

A sense of balance and wellbeing
A foot massage can help to relax the whole body, aiding better sleep, but it can also give a rejuvenated energy.

Better circulation
Massaging the extremities helps with the circulation of blood around the body, promoting cell repair and growth.
And so much more…..

Pre requisite understanding of massage moves and leg anatomy

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