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Ayurveda Rituals Facial Course – Module 2

Ayurveda Rituals Facial Course – Module 2

Course Price

$900 (CAD)

Enrolment Closes

Course length

3.5 hours of video instruction, 2 hours of live webinar instruction, 10 hours of Case studies

Course Starts


None / NA


Institution / Academy

Andrea Olivera Academy

Andrea is a pioneering figure in the field of Ayurveda beauty, and has dedicated her life to the study of Ayurveda, Jyotish, Yoga and the Vedic Sciences. Over 30 years ago, Andrea began her career as a make-up artist and aesthetician, and was one of the first Canadians in her field to incorporate Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Eastern wellness practices into her spa treatments and services. Today, she is one of Canada’s leading Ayurveda beauty and wellness specialists and educators.

About the course

Learn the secrets of TRI-DOSHA MARMA therapy for the face, neck, scalp, abdomen, arms/hands, shoulders, and seated back massage. You will be immersed in Ayurveda healing theory and knowledge and be guided, step by step, on performing a detoxifying, EMOTIONAL RELEASING blissful and healing Ayurveda Facial Treatment using Andrea’s AYURVEDA rituals botanical skincare line and RITUALS OF SCENT Chakra/Dosha balancing scents, uniquely customized for each individual’s skin type. The course also includes an introduction to Vedic psychosomatic interpretation of the face, the emotions and the face, and the 7 Chakras and their effects on the skin body and soul, facial detoxification lymphatic drainage massage with Kansa facial wand, and more!

In this course you will:

learn how to complete the Tri Dosha Facial:

For The Vata Face — This rejuvenating therapy addresses: aging, dryness, dehydration, stressed and tired skin, using a blend of herbal masques and essential oils from India. The skin is cleansed and toned with 3 types of rejuvenating massage, including Marma therapy for scalp, neck and shoulders.

For The Pitta Face — This purifying therapy treats toxicity, redness and sensitivity. The skin is purged using cooling and cleansing herbal formulas from India. The face is cleansed, toned and detoxified. This treatment is especially good for psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne, and hyper-sensitivity.

For The Kapha Face —This deluxe therapy addresses the symptoms of both Vata and Pitta faces. This customized experience is for combination skin. The face is cleansed, toned, steamed, extracted, stimulated, calmed, cooled, purified, and rejuvenated.

You will also:

Learn Ayurveda theory and knowledge and lifestyle rituals
Discover your Elemental Nature, exploring the different Mind and Body types, Doshas and Gunas, and gain an understanding of the Three Ayurveda faces, Vata, Pitta and Kapha
Be introduced to Vedic psychosomatic interpretation of the face, the emotions and the face
Explore the Chakras and their effects on the skin body and soul
Learn the chakra aura cleanse and the chakra balancing body rocking Guna therapy treatment, laying on of hands over the chakras and body rocking technique

You will also valuable techniques and practices, including:

The customization of essential oils, herbs, and natural organic foods used to create masks and exfoliants
The Art of Blending masques, exfoliants and facial oils.
Detailed Ayurveda Facial Demonstration and practice
Ayurveda facial detoxification massage sequence using the KANSA copper facial wand
Be introduced to The Nabi Treatment (abdominal massage techniques for deep emotional healing)
Tri-Doshic Guna Therapy (Chakra alignment work)
Crystal and Gemstone therapy for the Face and Body
Marma Therapy of the Face for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas
Tri-Doshic Marma Therapy for the Face, Neck, Scalp and Shoulders.
Ayurveda Abhyanga Massage of the arms and hands
Ayurveda Abhyanga Seated back massage sequence
The Aura Chakra Clearing treatment
Facial Vedic Psychosomatic Interpretation
Customization of herbs, yogurt, fruits, honey, and other natural organic food for the face
The Facial Detoxification Massage
Facial Cleansing Procedures
The Nabi Treatment (abdominal massage)

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