May 2, 2022

RAKxa Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

Wellness Advisor



Role Description

To manage each guests’ wellness journey through the conduct of guest consultations and providing personalized wellness advice and therapies in accordance with guests needs and objectives and which are in line with the resort’s wellness model. To encourage, educate, inspire, engage and motivate guests during their retreat to get the maximum wellbeing benefits throughout their stay and to guide them towards positive transformation, moving toward their optimal health and wellbeing.

Role Requirements

Minimum – Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical doctor or Naturopathic
Additional Complementary Medicine qualification such as TCM, TTM, or NLP, CBT, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, or any other master degree is a bonus.
Excellent interpersonal and clinical skills with the ability to encourage, educate, inspire, engage and motivate guests to a positive transformation to a healthier and happier living.
Excellent organizational, management and written and verbal communication skills (English, English & Chinese) and computer skills.
Guest focused integrative, co-operative approach with guests and colleagues.

About Us

RAKxa is Thailand's 1st Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

RAKxa integrates Functional Medicine and Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) together using holistic approach. Functional medicine consists of VitalLife Medical Wellness center and Medical Gym. CAM consists of Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM). Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, Energy Healing, and Therapeutic Spa. The range of treatments, facilities, and services is unmatched anywhere in the world. RAKxa will be able to treat guests with a wide array of health issues and concerns.

RAKxa’s world-class doctors and specialists across a multiple of disciplines work together to assess each guests and gain understanding into their root causes of problems. This allows them to combine multiple disciplines of medicine into one comprehensive treatment program, completely individualized to each guests, whether they’re business executives, active retirees, young entrepreneurs, or high-performance athletes, to have most appropriate and effective treatment.