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Join Our Database and Let The Right Job Find YOU!


Since launching our recruitment division back in December 2020, we have welcomed thousands of hopeful candidates into our database and helped match hundreds of them with new opportunities.  Signing up as a job seeker is always free, and you could be minutes away from your dream job.

What we


Local & Global Reach

Join the hundreds of talented industry professionals from more than 70 countries who sign up to our directory each month.


Quality Job Leads

Since you're only invited to apply for jobs that have matched with your criteria (and vice verca), you can confirm your application with confidence knowing that you're a desired applicant with the skills and acumen the hiring manager is looking for


More Opportunities

Each time you're matched with a job vacancy we'll contact you via email and invite you to apply.  But you're also live in our database from the moment you complete the form and we partner with the highest tier recruitment agencies who will be able to see and connect with you for any opportunities they may have also.


I was sourcing a Manager & Spa Therapists on behalf of a client and was surprised at the quality of candidates.  We hired a Manager & 2 Therapists so it was great value for me.  Will use it again when needed.

Rebecca, Spa Consultant 

Candidate Database

Get Started

Create your listing by signing up a site member and completing the form in the link below

Used by Luxury Spa & Wellness Providers 

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