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The award-winning TheraVine™ range was launched in 2004 and has since grown to be a trusted partner for beauty institutes and spas around the world.

TheraVine™ fuses super antioxidants with advanced biotechnologies and medicinal botanicals at the highest percentages, resulting in a specially crafted, extrasensory, results-driven health and skincare range.

TheraVine™ offers a flawless synergy between high-performance products and treatment methods that offer an extensive selection of cutting-edge facial treatments, therapeutic body treatments and unique signature treatments. Each treatment is designed to address the individual’s skin, body, and lifestyle needs.

We follow eco-conscious operations and aim to minimise the environmental impact in all areas of our business. Our ranges are produced with absolute integrity so you can rest assured that you are performing and experiencing treatments with nothing short of the absolute best.

The TheraVine™ Product Promise:
- Do not contain harmful alcohols
- Do not contain harmful perfumes/fragrances
- Do not contain colourants
- Do not contain harmful petrochemicals or mineral oils
- No animal testing
Products are EU and FDA compliant and are represented in over twenty countries.

Although the TheraVine™ principles are what made us innovators in the beauty industry, a belief in developing products that achieve results has manifested in a mission to keep inventing skin and body care products that exceed all expectations in the health and skincare industry.

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