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Spa Strategy

About Us

Spa and wellness consultancy for hospitality businesses seeking to enter and grow in the expanding wellness market.

With over 250 projects spanning 5 continents and key personnel each with over 25 years experience in their respective fields, Spa Strategy has built an enviable reputation.

Our services cover each stage of a projects life cycle: Strategy, Concept, Design and Operations. We work with investors, developers and operators and provide them with solutions that assist them to:

1. Establish their position in the expanding wellness market.
2. Understand the costs involved and potential returns.
3. Create wellness facilities that are profit centres.

Our objective is to build value in your brand. We bring together our cross-functional teams comprising experts in the fields of feasibility, design and operations, and work collaboratively through each phase of project development, drawing on our respective skillsets as appropriate.

SPA STRATEGY clients select the combination of services that best suits their needs – large-scale or small, short-term or long. With no equipment or product line affiliation, we can also assure clients of our impartiality.

All this allows SPA STRATEGY to devise a perfectly tailored spa and wellness strategy, with just the right balance of creativity, objectivity and flexibility for enhanced ROI.

Our Services

Operations & Business Consultants

Architectural & Interior Design

Facility Operators & Franchises

Procurement, OSE & FFE Suppliers







Hotels & Resorts


Yachts, Cruise Liners or Airports

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