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SENSASIA Consulting,The Spa People

About Us

SENSASIA is an established, much-loved and multi award-winning spa group, led by a select group of industry experts. Those experts are THE SPA PEOPLE.

We’re owners. Having built a portfolio of spa concepts from the ground up since 2004, there’s no protocol or potential pitfall we haven’t come across. We run SENSASIA with the accountability and desire to adapt that only an owner understands – and that’s exactly how we treat each project.

Today’s spa client is perhaps the most demanding one you’ll come across, and for good reason. But we know how to keep them coming back, and that’s why we’re THE SPA PEOPLE.

Whether you’re looking for a complete concept, from design and build to opening the doors, or you know the focus of your existing spa needs refinement, alignment or a revenue-driving edge – you’ll feel the plan coming together as soon as THE SPA PEOPLE are involved.

SENSASIA marketing stands out. It wins awards, it is copied, it drives sales – it’s our USP.

THE SPA PEOPLE includes US and British-trained business, marketing, media and graphic design graduates, who have built careers based on their in-depth skills in creativity, PR and communication, concept design and consumer behaviour.

We know how to nail a brand, and we take extreme pride in it. By working with THE SPA PEOPLE, you are tapping into a pool of fine-tuned marketing professionals, ready to align your message, and make your impact.

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