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OmVeda is 100% Australian owned. The first traditional Ayurvedic Skin, Hair and Body Care company launched in Australia and the leading Ayurvedic brand. OmVeda introduced education and extensively promoted the values of Ayurvedic Beauty to the Spa and Beauty industries. The OmVeda range comprises a prescriptive treatment and retail line based on Ayurvedic techniques for Skin, Hair and Body, available through leading spas and salons. The range is results driven, which is the very basis of its growth.

The exotic OmVeda range is renowned for its pure, bio-dynamic and organic ingredients, combining indigenous tradition with ancient wisdoms. All ingredients are hand-picked, wild harvested, wild crafted, microbead free and have the same potency as internal herbal medicine that have the ability to transport nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin for maximum results.. Prescriptive, yet stimulating the senses on every level, the OmVeda spa and salon Signature Rituals and Therapies are based on the premise that all energies within our universe interact with each other through the elements of Air, Ether, Fire, and Water. The dominant elemental energy of plants has the ability to directly heal and balance the skin. E.g. some plants induce heat, some cool, some dry and others produce moisture.

OmVeda’s customised beauty offerings are an Ayurvedic adventure that embrace the pure nurturing power of nature for a luxurious, pampering and healing experience. Rejuvenating for the skin, the OmVeda Ayurvedic Signature Rituals are organic treats for face and body, restoring vitality and a healthy glow on every level.
Rich in tradition, the OmVeda Ayurvedic Spa Rituals for face, body and hair incorporate herbs, topical treatment techniques and massage true to ancient Ayurvedic teachings, offering the benefits of this exceptional healing system.

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