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Eastern Vibration

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Eastern Vibration is an international organization with a passion for healing with vibrations. We combine cutting edge research and modern understanding of health and wellness with the ancient and profound wisdoms of traditional sound therapies that have been passed down from generations. We are here to share the ancient yet timeless knowledge of restoring health through vibrations. Quite simply, spreading positive vibes is our goal.

We are manufacturers of Therapeutic Grade Himalayan Hand Hammered Bowls, Gongs, Tingshas, Ocean Drums, Rain Sticks and accessories.

We provide world class training for Luxury Hotel Spas and Wellness Centre's internationally.

Our training includes in depth history & theory, providing a clear understanding of the physiological benefits, a bespoke treatment protocol, (Sound Massage) welcome rituals and provide you with an epic menu description designed specifically for you. We combine Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science.

Eastern Vibration Bowls & Gongs are created specifically for sound massage sessions. The weight is lighter, easier for the practitioner to hold and glide on and around the body . Oscillations of the sound last longer and the vibrations pass through deeply on a cellular level, allowing the healing process to take place.
Amazing sounds for group sessions too!

Spas and Wellness centers are our core business and we understand the needs that a spa requires for a successful sound healing program.

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