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About Us

The Thermal Spa business or as some North Americans say the Scandinavian Spa Business.

Currently, the Thermal Spa industry is the fastest growing sector in the spa market in North America. It has by far the largest opportunity and financial upside over any other type of spa. Thermal Spas can be extremely difficult to build because there are more moving parts than any other type of spa, but when you build one which is built correctly you will prosper beyond your wildest dreams. Determining your square footage, your operating summaries based on metric proven attendance to overall site capacity can be a scary journey and expensive if not done correctly the first time. My hands on experience will help you create a feasibility study along with a business and marketing plan that will bring you success. Overspending on amenities is a common mistake in this industry because people think with passion rather than with metric conversions or historical data. I have my own data and I cite surveys and reports from reliable sources. We do not guess or suggest building something because of the “cool or interesting” factor. Instead, I recommend proven amenities and therapies that clients use thus delivering you maximum ROI. My years’ experience in this industry has connected me with the best architects, landscape designers/architects, pool builders, sauna builders, construction project management and other consultants.
I’m currently the CEO of The Badenhaus Spa Group which is launching 7worl class resort spas over the next 4 years in Canada and the United States. Prior to that I was a site-specific managing partner with Le Nordik at the Greater Toronto Region site for what is now the largest single spa construction ever in North America. I have consulted on several world class projects. When I get involved in someone else’s project I treat it like my own. Not only do I develop your site with you and your business strategies, but you will learn about the business on many levels by engaging me.
You will learn about all
revenue streams,
where your best ROI is,
spa services conversions,
procurement and everything else that revolves around this business.
I am confident I will deliver you the best plan and ideas possible. If you are thinking of getting into the Thermal Spa business, then I suggest you call me first.

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