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ananné is an innovative, certified (NATRUE, vegan, halal, zero plastic) and 100% plant based Swiss premium active ingredient skin care brand. Based on the founder’s research in the field of phytotherapy, dermatology and immunology.

ananné’s certified natural formulations and special treatments boost the regenerative potential of the skin, rebalancing and strengthening its barrier – the result is regeneration, protection and purity combined in one special treatment.

Our products are developed and produced in Switzerland to the highest manufacturing standards. We respect our environment. Our exclusively plant-based raw materials are harvested from the wild, certified organic farming or fair trade. The products are manufactured in a retail size, spa size and we also offer Guest Amenities. In addition to the spa products and our spa cosmeceuticals (professional use only), we have developed our own signature treatments for face and body. With a special dry brush massage and work out massage. We offer free on-site training (theory, practice and sales training).

Urs Pohlman, MD PhD, the founder, is personally committed to giving your skin good sustainability by using his active ingredient cosmetics. The skin’s own processes are activated by optimally dosed, natural active ingredients, the plant extracts and high-quality oils which are effectively absorbed by your skin. ananné products guarantee a high level of compatibility and are suitable for all skin types. They promote natural regeneration, help the skin achieve a healthy balance and ensure a radiant glow.

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